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Public pickups review

Public pickups is one of the most seductive and steamy sites on the Mofos network. It focuses on how the cameraman who is shooting, seduces a hot babe and then eventually induces her to have sex with him in a public place that is hidden away. The sex scenes are raw and hardcore. This is a new site which has been around from 2012 so it is not much known among sex lovers. However the scenes that the site has to offer are simply great and arousing. You wish that you were the cameraman after you see these movies.


Here, hot girls are approached for the first time in the streets and offered few hundred bucks to strip off and fuck on camera for the first time, allowing her-self to be seen by thousands of internet visitors.
The ladies that are picked up in camera are hot, sexy and ideal for fucking .The models are fresh faced European ladies who are enthusiastic to fuck in unrestricted areas for both the enthusiasm and the hard cash on offer. These ladies are not showcases in any of the other sites. The videos which are shown in this site look real and natural as if women were aware that they had to do this. The cameraman has spent good amount of time seducing these women and showing the actual pick up before they start fucking. What is good about this site is that, the women who suddenly been approached to have sex add an amateur appeal to the content as the other contents are already professionally set for fun.

As a member of this site you have a privilege to log into 12 other porn sites and also get a reduced benefit of $24.95 a month to $19.95.This is indeed value for money.

This site is very easy to access with the help of drop down menus where public pick up scenes will be displayed in a thumbnail version allowing you to choose the ones you would like to watch. Before downloading the same in your computer you can look at the screenshots or stream it from the internet directly.

What is negative about this site is that none of the videos are in English. The better part is that they have English subtitles which are competently done. Sex scenes can be enjoyed without understanding the language though! There are various beautiful women who are there to delight you all through.


The videos have been shot in high definition picture quality for better viewership. They vary in quality from 1080p to mobile viewing options as well. Each video covers around 30 minutes of natural photo shoot from the camera searching for a sexy babe, seducing her and convincing her to have sex with him. The activities range from anal sex, oral sex to blow jobs.

Public pickups are indeed a viewer’s experience and would turn on anyone who would like to watch the sizzling scenes!

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